Build Stronger Employee Brands

Getting a jump on 2018 goals at Roccam Recruiting for helping our non-profit clients build stronger employer brands and strengthen talent acquisition programs, we are introducing our 4 Principals for Candidate Experience. Our interactions with your future team members will be:
-       Responsive and informative in communications
-       Fair and consistent in evaluations and interviews
-       Clear and timely regarding next steps and decisions
-       Sincere in building relationships with candidates progressing in their careers

Next up is applying these recruiting principals in action for each unique client, to policies, procedures and measuring impact. What are your guiding principals?



Twitter "is becoming the new résumé,"  reports the WSJ, with quaint accent aigus .  At least this story is clearly labelled in the "trend" column because there is nothing in it to suggest that Twitter is somehow disintermediating the job hunting powerhouse LinkedIn, good old fashioned face to face networking or the industry standard, resume (with or without accent aigu).  Once again, social media is imbued with special power it doesn't deserve. Twitter is simply networking in 140 characters. Best response to the WSJ article.

When hiring a social media expert, a community manager, or a Pinterest intern, the Twitter platform and its Twesumes are just the thing. When hiring a CFO or a Category Manager, those guys better be busy mastering spreadsheet macros, not spending alot of time on hashtags.    Reporters love social media, "#twesumes #trending!" and they love promoting their stories so they live on these platforms, so therefore it must be an important trend.



You know you're supposed to be "doing" social media marketing, so you are reposting interesting content, commenting on other people's news, and possibly offering professional advice.  But if you have to ask the question, "Is anyone reading this post?"  The answer is probably, no. Tumblr real estate post

Playing it safe with general interest content will guarantee you don't get heckled or defriended but it also will probably relegate you to invisibility.  Effective content typically offers a provocative point of view, from a credible subject matter expert.   How do you walk the fine line between stimulating and offensive to keep people's attention?

In a recent campaign to drive awareness for a new luxury real estate broker, we applied the same principals that have been established in B2B demand generation. When you are developing a content strategy start first with the reptilian mind of your target customer, find a unique perspective and offer helpful information.    Go backwards in the buying process and engage the buyer as they are learning about their need, and researching their options.

1. What is keeping them awake at night that you can help them with? 2. What unique perspective can you offer? 3. What information, tools and resources can be truly helpful?

We asked what life event triggers cause a shift in home buying or selling decisions.   In the case of a divorce, up to three real estate deals could be up for grabs:  a joint property sale and two new purchases.

Suggesting that you should think about what you'll do with your joint property in a divorce, is not your usual real estate message, but we went with Divorce Your House or Your Spouse? A Checklist for Joint Property Decisions.

Is it a gratuitous headline grabber?  Yes. And it resulted in a 67% open rate and a 27% click through rate.  The article itself generated multiple reposts and comments as well as replies.   It engaged the audience in a dialogue and serves to keep Katrina top of mind with her prospects.

Why, because 50% of your audience is reading your email newsletter while lying in bed next to their spouse thinking about getting divorced.  Since a majority of real estate deals are secured through referrals, she is building a long-term pipeline.