Twitter "is becoming the new résumé,"  reports the WSJ, with quaint accent aigus .  At least this story is clearly labelled in the "trend" column because there is nothing in it to suggest that Twitter is somehow disintermediating the job hunting powerhouse LinkedIn, good old fashioned face to face networking or the industry standard, resume (with or without accent aigu).  Once again, social media is imbued with special power it doesn't deserve. Twitter is simply networking in 140 characters. Best response to the WSJ article.

When hiring a social media expert, a community manager, or a Pinterest intern, the Twitter platform and its Twesumes are just the thing. When hiring a CFO or a Category Manager, those guys better be busy mastering spreadsheet macros, not spending alot of time on hashtags.    Reporters love social media, "#twesumes #trending!" and they love promoting their stories so they live on these platforms, so therefore it must be an important trend.