Diversity, Is your recruiter trying hard enough?

Are you pushing your recruiters and yourself to engage and hire people of color? When your recruiter gives you a slate of highly qualified, high performing candidates for a senior leadership positions, do you find yourself asking, "Why don't we have more people of color to consider?"

Don't just accept the inevitable, push your team to go back and work the problem. For a fast growing national non-profit client we had highly qualified candidates but not nearly enough diversity to reflect the people we are serving. That initial failure proved fruitful, as we widened the search and brought back a slate that not only reflected the client base, we had a group of people passionate about the mission and a better choice for the leadership team. It also meant a lot to the staff to see more people of color and true diversity of background and experience in the interviews.

If you are in a situation where its time for your leadership to reflect your constituents, then make that a requirement, not a nice to have, in your recruiting. Don't accept the close at hand, expect more and require diversity at all stages of your hiring process.