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Roccam Excels at Empowering CEOs to Look Beyond the Safe Hire to find the Best Leaders of Tomorrow

Roccam can help you reach beyond your network to pitch and engage candidates who are not active job-seekers. But first we work with CEOs and Executive Directors to define their future leadership needs. Then we expand your candidate and applicant pool by persuasively and authentically pitching your unique opportunities to highly selective candidates that will build your organization. 

Again and again we have sourced diverse slates of up-and-coming leaders of tomorrow. We don't settle for the easy answer and consistently deliver choices to grow your organization.  

  • We Helped MyPath Build A Diverse Executive Team from Scratch. For a national youth economic justice & technology platform poised to scale from 13 to dozens of sites, Roccam placed a full slate of executive level marketing, programs and technology leaders who reflected the diverse youth participants and their communities.  
  • We sourced a slate of up-and coming financial focused COO's for FACES SF. 

Jasher NOwland, Call Center Manager

Jasher NOwland, Call Center Manager



Deputy Director - Youth Leadership/Social Justice
General Manager - Transportation
Chief Operations Officer (COO) - Community Services
CFO - Social Enterprise
Director Communications - Youth Economic Justice


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