Selective, purpose-driven, entreprenuerial

Carolyn and Leslie have been supporting our recruiting now for over 4 years. Job openings are unpredictable, so having additional resources available during peak times has made all the difference. Carolyn and her team at Roccam develop the strategy and sourcing – and manage all recruitment activities. This has been extremely helpful because we are a small HR department who can get easily overwhelmed by sudden hiring surges. She’s proactive– always staying ahead of me on action items and keeping the recruitment timeline on track. And she is always trying new approaches - her knowledge of the latest recruiting tools & methods is very helpful. Finally she builds strong rapport with candidates which makes the recruitment process more effective and reflects positively on the organization.
— Ashley Baker, HR Director, Whistlestop
Carolyn presented highly qualified candidates that matched our requirements and fit our team dynamic. As a consultant she helped us understand the hiring opportunities for our fundraising/marketing role, positioned our opportunity to the right audiences, and provided insights about each candidate which helped me select the best talent for our organization.
— Kim Baenisch, Executive Director
Carolyn knew exactly what my career goals were because I was upfront with her from the start, and she listened. She waited for the right position to become available before I invested my time in the process. It was a very professional experience working with Carolyn and her team at Roccam. They were able to remove the typical stress that comes with a job search by following their word and doing exactly what they promised. Carolyn was very accurate in her description of the culture and opportunity and I have never been happier with my position.
— John Byers, General Manager Transportation, Whistlestop (Candidate)
You hit a home run to open the game.
— J.G. hiring manager
We found that working with other search firms, their process was too layered and complicated - with Roccam it was streamlined and straightforward. Through the intake and evaluation process we discovered that in fact we needed 3 new positions filled! Our communication was so efficient we could determine easily what our organization should manage vs. what Roccam Recruiting could handle. We appreciated the flexibility in this process. We were successful in filling senior positions and I recommend working with Carolyn and her team.
— Patricia Murillo, Executive Director, Alternatives in Action
I knew of a manager who had been placed by Carolyn, and after seeing what a great fit it was for them, I was impressed with how well she was able to match. She helped my team to break down what needed to be done and then helped us get it done step by step, for successful outcomes in multiple positions that had been difficult to fill. As an ED, I really appreciated how she linked me to other professionals skilled in our field.
— Juno Duenas, Executive Director
Working with Carolyn felt serendipitous. She studied my background and understood why I would be interested in the open position. She talked long term with me about where I wanted to be and she wanted to be sure the job would be good fit for the position. We had multiple calls which enabled many occasions to ask candid questions. Her process felt transparent; she was very clear about where she was in the search, as well as the challenges and the opportunities which the position had.
— Amber Whiteside, Director of Communications (Candidate)
I’ve said it before, but at the risk of sounding like a broken record: thank you for your help and time throughout the process. You’re a complete professional and I truly enjoyed working with you. Would welcome working with you again anytime.
— J.B., VP of Communications
Carolyn quickly understood our team dynamics and business philosophy. She made the entire hiring experience not only painless but remarkably enjoyable – all of the candidates we interviewed were excellent caliber. We found a perfect fit for the team and filled a key position in record time.
— Joe Martin, Director, Private Client Group
We have such a specific industry and I never thought a recruiter could understand our specific needs. From the start Carolyn asked critical questions to understand the organization and we saw results right away. Carolyn not only sees the bigger picture, but she’s a doer. She revised our process to make a better system. As a small team, outsourcing this area makes sense for us and she also offers a broad perspective and big picture thinking. I would recommend her, she does a good job of listening and assimilating, and given what she was able to do for Marin Ventures, she would be an asset to any ED who is looking for advice and resources to improve recruiting results.
— Jami Davis, Executive Director
Carolyn has been a breath of fresh air. Her level of knowledge, her passion and her enthusiasm have brought renewed energy to our organization. In addition, there is great depth in her skillset and she has proven to be very resourceful. Her search methods were very effective in identifying potential candidates for our position beyond the traditional approach.
We are now on track with a stellar hire who is performing her duties brilliantly.
— Dana Dornsife, CEO Lazarex Foundation